Wine loosens the tongue, sometimes!

So yesterday we talked about wine and today it’s about our table mates. We had four people who shared our table for the tasting – our age or somewhat older. It’s hard for me to judge ages. Everybody I look at who is my age looks like my parents’ ages when they were this old, so I see “older people” and tend to forget that I, too, am one of those “older people”.

The couple sitting next to us were from Detroit, and the couple next to them were from Toronto area. Interestingly the Toronto man was interested in talking about the area right up until I said that I grew up there, then suddenly decided it would be more interesting to tell stories about drinking in Detroit and Chicago when he was younger.

Toronto Skyline from the internet

Toronto Skyline from the internet

I don’t think any of them knew what to make of us – me in particular. Al just listens and tastes and thinks and makes comments about what he’s tasted. I wrote stuff down on the sheets of paper that identified the wines, and that seemed to make people uneasy. I think they were there just to taste and drink and socialize.

The couple from Toronto were so taken aback by this that they didn’t even try to talk to us, either during the tasting or after (it was kind of distracting. He didn’t actually talk over the cellar master’s presentation, but he was more interested in telling stories than in tasting the wine and thinking about it, I think.) He liked telling stories about drinking trips to Detroit in his younger days, and finding locations in common with the Detroit couple.


Detroit skyline from the internet

Detroit skyline from the internet

The Toronto couple left right at the end, but the others, the ones from Detroit were friendlier and we sat and chatted with them for a long time – Al and the man in particular seemed to hit it off. We closed the restaurant down, and Jay and Ronaldo had to shoo us out so the staff could prepare the dining room for dinner.

The walking crowds had diminished significantly this morning – there were people out there, but no where near as many as yesterday. But when we went out for a mid-morning walk, there were a number of people on deck, not just strolling, but getting their exercise in – jogging, running, brisk walking. Three women, in their 30s and 40s were amusing. They were going opposite our direction, so we got to watch them as we passed them on each side of the ship. One was obviously a semi-regular jogger and she was determined that she and her friends were not going to let the food get the better of their figures – she wasn’t pushing it hard, but was jogging. It was clear that her companions were there under duress. And weren’t used to this! By the third circuit, they were red faced, panting and looking as if they would rather be doing almost anything else. But they kept at it – they were still walking briskly around when we finished our 5 laps. Added to my early morning walk, that gave me almost 4 miles, and I got the rest later in the day, walking to and from the Vista Lounge, which is at the front of the ship, as far from our stateroom as it’s possible to get.


Victoria from the internet

Victoria from the internet

Tomorrow – San Fransicso! Whoot! We didn’t sign up for any excursions, but I want to get off and wander around some amount. How can we not? I just hope we’re up in time to see the Golden Gate Bridge – we dock at 8 am.


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