I’m rooting for them

A friend of mine, Joe Cummings, has, with four other writers; Helga Bolleter, Karalee Greer, Silk Questo and Paula Third, committed themselves to producing five (yes, 5) novels in five months. That’s one each, not five per writer, btw, and further, to have those drafts ready to submit in one year. I’m in awe of their ambition, and if you want to follow their progress, and cheer them on (which I respectfully request, since we can all use lots of support), check out their first post and “follow” them.

At the very least, shake your head in admiration for the chutzpah and their insanity!


A Book Review

I’m not posting much these days, as I’m in treatment for cancer, as most of you probably already know – that, btw, is going well, so hopefully I’ll be a little more up on this place by the end of October. In the meantime, I am blogging, once a month, at the Orthodox Christian Network.

If you happen to be in the mood for a mid-grade or YA fantasy, then check out my review of THE EDGE OF MYSTERION by Richard Rene, at The Sounding, the blog for OCN.