Text for OCN response to Why I hate religion

What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion?
Then why did he totally preach to the flock while making Peter his rock?
Why did he send them out two by two to tell the whole world what He said was true?
Yeah, some people are blind, and some have the vision, and maybe the legalists need some revision
But that’s not a reason to diss all religion.

Dude, that’s an unreasonable decision!
It’s not religion that starts all the wars, it’s evil men trying to even some scores
Using faith as coverup, church as a shield, they fight to the death to force others to yield.
They don’t help their foe, they don’t love their neighbour, they certainly don’t act like our Lord and Saviour.
Yeah, churches are big, and they’re full of great art but that just means it’s close to our hearts.
In the kitchen downstairs you’ll find soup, bread and love and the homeless fit in like a hand in a glove.
The church, your ‘religion’ were pioneers of charity. Not feeding the poor is a real rarity!
Heard of Mother Teresa or Dorothy Day to name a few? They lived with the poor, they fed them, they loved them, they died for them too.
Religion’s not chores, or trying to mask it, it’s not a façade, or perfume on caskets. It’s not a museum or cleaned up dead mummies. It’s a hospice for sinners, a rest home for dummies.
Religion is people and God here on earth, loving God, loving Christ, loving people’s true worth.
It’s people with God trying hard to connect, to be God for each other, with love and respect.
God’s love is an ocean, and religion’s a boat, rescuing sailors who don’t seem to float.
Jesus loves all men and women too. And children and sinners; that’s me and you.
And Jesus is laughing because we are fools. We can’t even keep a few simple rules. And if he didn’t laugh, he’d cry a river, we’re so heartless, we’re faithless, we sure don’t deliver
And yeah, some people called him a glutton and a drunkard, but some said Lamb of God. Messiah. Saviour. My Lord and my God.
There’s one vital thing to mention: that Jesus and church are on the same spectrum. Religion and Jesus work hand in hand. Religion’s not the sickness, sin’s the infection.
Church is the clinic, Jesus heals the connection.
Religion is man longing for God, Christ is God catching man, fixing the broken link, bridging the span.
And grace isn’t Him suffering. It’s a free gift, it’s God’s presence within us.
Him charging our battery, giving us strength to resist Satan’s flattery.
But man, don’t hate it, don’t literally resent it. Jesus said love, and he literally meant it. Not just our friends – that’s always easy, but our enemies too. And that makes us queasy.
Christ said forgive, he said it while dying. If we give him our hearts, we can’t be lying. Forgive all who hurt you, who judge and who lie, forgive those who stumble, the church gone awry.
It is done, Jesus said, but it wasn’t religion. He’d done what he came for: he started the church
And killed death by dying, to the graves He gave life. We’re back where we started, where he meant us to be.
We’re one with the Godhead.
And Easter’s the key.


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