On My Walk

My eyes were filled with:
An eagle hovering on wind currents
A child who looked like Ila
and made my heart ache with missing her.
Mountains straining to show through the haze
Gunmetal grey water under an autumn blue sky
Kayaks traveling north
and sailboats gliding south
Deadened summer grasses
pale gold against grey rocks
radiating the last of summer’s heat.
Greyhound gamboling sedately on paths with
informative scents,
not sure if fun is now allowed.
Timid at the offer of a hand to sniff, flinching at a gentle stroke.
But game to learn joy.
Proposal of marriage offered and accepted
Outlined against the last summer sun
Young man kneeling before his lady love,
Lifting himself and her into blessed embrace.

My ears were filled with
Louis Armstrong, waves on the shore,
Capella Romana, the cry of an eagle, Eric Clapton,
robins warning of cats, Glenn Miller, cars on the road,
Billie Holiday, the rattle of bare blackberry canes in autumn wind,
Vanessa Mae, the breeze on the water,
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, clanking ropes on steel masts
Dixie Chicks,  the wind in the bushes,
John Lee Hooker, cries of joy and love.

written Sept. 13, 2012. All rights reserved.


2 comments on “On My Walk

  1. I like it, especially the part about the music juxtaposed with natural sounds.
    But did you post it by Tardis? Look at the composition date. 🙂

    • bevcooke says:

      I first posted the rough draft on FB, then after a really wonderful walk yesterday, got it out, edited and revised it and posted it here. I’d love it if I could travel by Tardis! However, a mall I was at this week was very much like one – seemed bigger inside than out!

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