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Interested in a cigarette smoking, beer drinking nun who skipped liturgy to cook dinner? One who spent most of her life helping the poor and homeless of Paris, and aided the Jews during the Holocaust? Who created such a problem for the Nazis that they sent her to the nortorious Ravensbruk concentration camp, where she gave her life for another, terrified victim of the gas chambers? Then click on my Return page, and read about St. Maria of Paris, who died in 1945.

You might also be interested to know that I’m involved with a pan-Orthodox centre named after her, in Victoria, BC. Modeled after her life and principles, our centre helps the disadvantaged, fosters Orthodox unity, supports culture and promotes learning. We’re working on a web-page, but if you are on Facebook, then check out the page we have there.


One comment on “New Post up on Return page

  1. Καλη Σαρρακοστη!

    I would like to learn more about the centre and perhaps do a feature post on it on my blog . It sounds like it would be an informational and inspiring article. You can contact me at . May St Maria keep us all in her prayers and challenge us to reach out to others. AYP Anthony

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