I love this!

I found Narnia & some pizza crusts

thank you to Matushka Donna for showing me this!


Magic like you won’t believe.

I love magic and magic tricks, and every year we go to the Murray Hatfield charity show at a local theatre. We’ve seen the guy below – Shawn Farquhar – a couple of times, and he’s amazing, but this just blows me away – not only the magic he does, but the dexterity and discpline it takes to become that good with your hands.

New Post on Faith Page

I have a guest blogger on my faith page – she’s not actually a blogger, but posts meditations by email every so often, and with my wonderful “hippy hermit’s” permission, I’ve posted one of them. It’s a meditation about end of life, loving your neighbour, not judging. Please check it out, and do leave a comment.