I love this!

I found Narnia & some pizza crusts

thank you to Matushka Donna for showing me this!


Really good poem

Please check out the poem, “Heart” my godson, the very talented poet and songwriter, Matthew David Christopherson, left on the Faith page after my guest blogger’s post. It’s not his poem, but it’s very much the same thoughts as Theodora expressed. Lovely work.

Magic like you won’t believe.

I love magic and magic tricks, and every year we go to the Murray Hatfield charity show at a local theatre. We’ve seen the guy below – Shawn Farquhar – a couple of times, and he’s amazing, but this just blows me away – not only the magic he does, but the dexterity and discpline it takes to become that good with your hands.

New Post on Faith Page

I have a guest blogger on my faith page – she’s not actually a blogger, but posts meditations by email every so often, and with my wonderful “hippy hermit’s” permission, I’ve posted one of them. It’s a meditation about end of life, loving your neighbour, not judging. Please check it out, and do leave a comment.