Just because I liked it.

Don’t know where it came from or whose it is, but I love this photo.



New Fulmination & an Icon

There’s a new rant up on my Fulmination page – about euthanasia and an article that appeared in Time Magazine on August 3.

And, a friend of mine graciously allowed me to put this icon of St. Tatiana up on this blog. She prefers not to be known, so all I can do is say it’s a friend:

St- Tatiana icon SBVery nice! Thank you my friend!

Another new entry

on the Return Page. St. Nina, equal to the Apostles, almost gave up before she started. She narrowly  escaped being martyred by the Armenian king who was ticked off at being refused marriage by Princess Rhipsimia, Nina’s friend. Yet she managed to go on and become Equal to the Apostles for her work in converting the Georgian nation. Read what happened by clicking on the link to the Return page.