Two entries

Two entries for the price of one – a new column up on the Handmaiden page, about St. Tatiana, an early Roman martyr. She went through the wringer, boy – this woman was subjected to an incredible amount of torture, yet managed to not only keep her faith intact, but pray for her judges and accusers! Read more about her life on the Heroines of the Faith page.

And I’ve finally grumbled about a review I got for Feral, over a year ago. It’s not uncommon for writers to complain about the treatment reviewers afford them, which is one reason I hesitated for so long. But the least a reviewer could do is GET IT RIGHT! Which this one didn’t, and is the cause of my complaint.


New Saint up on Return Page

St. Juvenal (or Juvenaly) was the first Alaskan martyr – and the victim of fraudulent press. For years it was thought that he had been killed by jealous Alaskans when he fell in love with a young Alaskan woman. Evidence was taken from what were purpoted to be his diaries: translations of which were located in San Francisco. It took a lot of years and a fortuitious find by a team which included Fr. Michael Oleska to actually locate the saint’s journals. It was another discovery by Fr. Michael which led to what scholars now think was Juvenal’s true fate – which you can read about in my column.

Stay tuned for more posts on more saints in the coming weeks. I have several, since I’m way behind on posting here.